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Zero Plan Disruption for Retirees
Zero Plan Disruption for Retirees
EGWP's allow plan retiree's to keep the same pharmacy benefits without interruption or additional costs, while the plan provider realizes significant cost savings.
Retiree Prescription Drug Plans
Retiree Prescription Drug Plans
Under an EGWP the PDP handles main administrative requirements, manages all federal interaction, collects federal Part D plan subsidies and assumes compliance responsibilities.
Employee Group Waiver Plans
Employee Group Waiver Plans
EGWP's are commonly referred to as Egg Whips and provide generous cost savings combined with improved cash management.

Infographic on RDS vs EGWP

Our Infographic on RDS vs EGWP + wrap options explains how Egg Whips are more desirable in today’s economic climate.  Employer Group Waiver Plans offer a variety of benefits that RDS options just cannot match for retiree’s access to affordable prescription drugs.

Large employers (both public and private), third party administrators (TPA’s), school systems, municipalities, city governments and unions can all benefit from EGWP coverages for plan enrollee’s under Medicare Part D.  The infographic on RDS vs EGWP below will give you a much better idea of the advantages for your organization.

Click on the image to enlarge the comparison infographic on RDS vs EGWP + wrap .

Click on the RDS vs EGWP infographic for full size image.

If you are an insurance broker for benefits, or a plan sponsor administrator looking for more information on how you can implement an EGWP benefit option for your retiree prescription drug plan coverage, please do not hesitate to use our contact form to reach out to us. can put you in touch with a well respected brand name Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) sponsor who can assess your present program and help you get an EGWP set up.  Our sponsor has pioneered the EGWP+wrap development space and can design a retiree drug benefit plan that offers plan sponsors an immediate improvement to cash flow and significantly reduce administrative burdens associated with the management of OPEB programs.  In addition, retiree’s enjoy the same formulary, pharmacy network and plan design without interruption and the added benefit of having catastrophic coverage outside the Medicare Part D doughnut hole.

Our EGWP sponsor is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Updated on December 16, 2013

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